Roasted Red Peppers
Recipe type: Side
Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • Red Peppers, as many as you need
  1. Roasted Red Peppers make most things taste better. It is worth the extra money to buy peppers that have thick wall, the cheaper thinner ones will not yield as much of the roasted meaty pepper.
  2. We throw ours right on top of the gas stove on the flame as they come out of the shopping bag, as we unpack our groceries.
  3. Every 3-4 minutes they are turned with tongs until they are the perfect charred, black fragrant pepper.
  4. Into a paper bag they go to steam for 15 minutes.
  5. After they have steamed their charred skin comes right off, when you scrape it with a chef's knife. Remove the stem and seeds before using.
  6. Some recipes will tell you to rinse the skin away under cold running water. We prefer not to do this as it just washes away all the lovely juices and flavor you have developed in the charring.
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